New Morning Mercies – Review


Book review: Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies

Popular theologian and author Paul David Tripp wrote a devotional breakfast on God’s Bread, that is his Word, called New Morning Mercies. This is a 365 short, gospel-centered messages, in each day of the year, specially designed to bring the Gospel truth in fresh ways each morning. As he confessed in the introduction, these meditations are some tweets (short thoughts) that he developed so that we can be reminded of the glorious grace that we tend to forget. The title is based on Lamentation 3:22-23, where Jeremiah expresses his confidence that God will reveal his mercies each morning new. We desperately need these mercies for our spiritual health. The problem is that “as the theme of grace get more and more familiar and common, they don’t capture our attention and awe as they once did.” So, these meditations are purposed to help us remember how amazing the gospel is and how the gospel can change our heart in a profound manner.

I am personally grateful for the heart and gift of Paul Tripp expressed in this short book, I will use it every day for this new year, hoping that God will reveal to me more and more of his glory, so that I will be transformed in Christ image. Paul Tripp combines good biblical theology with a devotional and provoking style in New Morning Mercies.

Note: I received a copy of this book from Crossway for the purpose of providing a review.

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